Diamonds exploration and mining is involved into a consortium of diamond mining companies located in Angola. The company engages in the exploration, mining, extraction, refining and marketing of high-grade diamonds. The world is facing a looming diamond shortage as a result of a predicted US $5 billion diamond supply deficit. This is leading to a sharp rise in diamond prices, so we can offer our investors profitable investment case. Register for free today to start earning with

Angola Diamond advantages

  • Stable business model

    We mine diamonds in Angola, expecting good results in the nearest future.

  • Insurance fund $1.000.000

    We have insured our workers and equipement from all major disasters.

  • High profit guaranteed

    We can guarantee our investors sizeble profits based on our latest performance.

Our company features

  • Strong DDOS protection

    We host on ddos-protected web hosting for more safety

  • SSL Green Bar

    Our client’s web security and privacy is secured

  • Registered company

    We have a company registered in UK, license number 10094325

  • Registered office

    412/7 Oxf Ord Street, London, England, W1A 1AB

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